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Kinesiology combines ancient Chinese medical theory and the Five Element Theory of Chinese acupressure with Western Chiropractic methods. The Chinese meridian system maps the flow of energy and specific points for healing which relate to neurological, organ and system functions as well as body structure. With manual muscle testing and muscle biofeedback, this energy flow is monitored and imbalance corrected. Gentle massage and stimulation of reflexes and acupuncture points unblock and strengthen energy so that it flows more freely through the meridians for increased health and wellbeing. Thus, Kinesiology addresses the physical and the metaphysical, honoring the multi-dimensional nature of health and the complexity of the whole self.

Your muscles reflect your thoughts, and so mental/emotional stress is reflected in the muscles. For instance, if you think about buying a house and feel stressed about that, your muscles reflect the stress. If we change the energy pattern then the thought pattern is influenced to change and the change of thought pattern is reflected back to the physical in the muscles and entire body. Thus, Kinesiology can alleviate pain, reduce stress and support new behaviours that support better health on all levels - body, mind and spirit.

Muscle testing uncovers both neurological and organic damage. Integration of the brain can be measured to determine the level of connection between left, or logical, side of the brain and the Gestalt, or creative / intuitive side of the brain. Your level of harmony with your physical body, how well you deal with life stress, challenges and decisions, relationships, goals and aspiration in life can all be addressed.

On its highest level, Kinesiology can support life transitions, be they temporal or existential in nature - the journey of the spirit.

Kinesiology can bring balance to the body structure by improving posture and flexibility and relieving chronic muscular tension. Through Kinesiology, clients see improvement in learning dysfunctions, paralysis, general health and emotional imbalance, and brain dysfunction such as stroke. Spinal curvatures due to muscle imbalance can be treated. In fact, all physical and mental dysfunction can be helped, provided there is no irreparable structural damage. Additionally, muscle testing can verify the effectiveness of herbs, vitamins and other such treatments, and indicate intolerances and allergies.

The efficacy of Kinesiology is proven through empirical scientific study and thousands of people have benefited from Kinesiology treatments, from simple to the more extraordinary cases such as Charles Krebs, developer of the Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP). Charles was paralyzed from the neck down in a diving accident. Through Kinesiology, Charles regained both his ability to walk and his high level of cognitive abilities. He went on to develop new protocols in Kinesiology in relation to specific learning difficulties, teaching in Australia and overseas.