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Case Study

Primitive Reflexes - Fear and Anxiety

We have the startle reflex when we are in the womb, which is a self protection mechanism, and it should inhibit itself within the first 6 months of our life. If not it puts us in a state of fear and anxiety (over activity).

As an adult this develops into Strauss reflex. Underneath this is what is known as the Fear Paralysis reflex, a major inhibiting factor in emotional and developmental progression.

The patient was a 26 year old male. Within a few sessions his body was able to be free of this over activity and he was no longer plagued with this unnecessary fear and anxiety.

Do people know?
People know there is something wrong. They would realise they have too much stress. A heightened tension.

Some people get around this issue by specific exercise programs, lifestyle and behaviour modification and a plethora of remedial therapies. Often though, their symptom profile will remain nonetheless.

The body stores our history. If traumatic, the body is in a self protection mode. We hang onto our defence mechanisms for survival. Mechanisms are innate and built-in. Often it is necessary to establish a new program that will allow the client to be more functional and less in a constant state of fight / flight.

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