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Neuro Spiritual Integration (NSI)

The NSI system has evolved out of the energetic model of releasing or balancing the electrical over and under energy in relation to a specific imbalance or problem within the body's structure or function. It appears that the NSI system manifests changes from a more spiritual level of our consciousness and energetic structure to create healing on all other levels of our being.

NSI has also been influenced & informed by the body of knowledge that falls under the banner of Transpersonal Medicine, It is extremely effective in tandem with the Neural Emotional Pathways (NEPs) model of healing. These fundamental emotional systems often have specific stressors or imbalances that can be released on an extremely deep & profound level using the NSI system.

The NSI system is also reflective of the journey of the individual and just like a river this journey sometimes meanders, runs into snags, turns into rapids and a raging torrent or stagnates in a backwater. And just like the Hero's Journey we as therapist can open up to client possibilities and potentials on their path and not only provide insight but also guide the individual to a fuller understanding of their true self to actualise this wonderful life and progress towards self-realisation.

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