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“The soul is that transcendent force that innervates us, allows self definition; our uniqueness that drives us to individuation. It is the glue that binds us together, the vessel that contains our spirit & guides us on our journey towards enlightenment. The soul is our unique resonance & its true purpose is to seek union with the divine. It is the landscape for our neurology and neurology is the landscape for the expression of our soul. It is the language, expression & poetry of our inner life”.

If we start with the premise that healing is essentially an integrative process then true integration must occur on all levels of our being. Healing without the mention of soul is anathema to true healing. Often the enormity of what the soul has to bring through is expressed in an inadequate landscape, ie, our neurology or the structure & function of our nervous system. So much of the ‘new age’ is fashioned on spirituality with its plethora of definitions & extraordinary range of healing options but rarely, if ever, is there an explanation of technique & its effect on neurology & soul. It is this combination of awareness, affect & outcome that gives shape & definition to our total humanity & the joy of full expression & self-actualization. If the body, soul & spirit are expressed fully in a balanced neurology then we can access our full potential & we are drawn inexorably, and without impediment toward self-realization.