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Transpersonal Medicine

- “beyond the self” Medicine - “to make well”.

“The underlying principle of transpersonal medicine is that power in sources beyond the self or beyond what we ordinarily consider consensual reality is available to be drawn upon and used to help heal ourselves and others. Trans denotes not only 'beyond' (as in transcendental), but also 'across' (as in transfer). It implies change or action. These three aspects of transpersonal process – the cross-personal, the extra- or beyond-personal, and the ever-changing-personal- are all encompassed in the approach of transpersonal medicine.

Transpersonal medicine as a concept and practice, has re-emerged as a result of two major trends:

  1. The frustration with the allopathic model of medicine, which has tried unsuccessfully to control the natural order by attempting to create deathless or disease-free society; and
  2. the lack of attention and respect given to the emotional and spiritual needs of people who are ill."

(Lawlis, G.F., Transpersonal Medicine: A New Approach to Healing Body-Mind-Spirit, 1996 pages 6 & 7)

Transpersonal Therapy

Larson’s exploratory research on the transpersonal relationship in a therapeutic setting identified resonance as the healing metaphor. In particular it encompassed:

  1. Intense concentration on inner experience that spontaneously initiates an altered state of consciousness
  2. Therapist-client synchronisation of even tiny movement patterns.
  3. Therapist-client alignment to a similar frequency noted by palpable shift.
  4. Momentary merging of therapist-client selfhood boundaries.
  5. Therapists’ immediate non-verbal understanding of the client’s unacknowledged feelings.
  6. Specific sensations and/or feelings somatically and/or kinaesthetically perceived by the therapists.

(Lawlis, G.F., Transpersonal Medicine: A New Approach to Healing Body-Mind-Spirit, 1996 pages 69)

Transpersonal Medicine and Ritual